Where is ...

David Anders?
Last time I heard he'll be another in Heroes. Another Alias actor in the cast, huh? It would be a heartfelt reunion with Greg Grunberg. Along with Jennifer G, they're my three favorite characters in the dead series. I don't watch Heroes though, just a couple of episodes. I've no time for anything anymore, but Alias would always have a little corner in my heart. I love David Ander's Julius Sark, so sinister yet so appealing. His being on Heroes would be like cliché, but I hope he'll transcend his character. Take off the faux Brit accent and anything Sark and maybe it would work. Grunberg would always be Eric Weiss for me, even though he's more famous now for his Matt Parkman cop role. Why are TV actors given almost the same role as their last? I'm sure they can do more than that.

Joshua Jackson?
Last time I heard he had a small role in Emilio Estevez's Bobby (2006). First time they worked together was in Mighty Ducks. Anthony Hopkins and Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan and other biggies starred, but where was Jackson? I guess he will always be Dawson's Creek's Pacey. Now he has been here and there, attending premieres, social-charitable functions, lead-starring in lesser known films, and part-starring alongside big names. Being Dawson's Creek's main attraction is one-time, big-time for him.

Lucy Lawless?
I used to think I was the kid reincarnation of Xena the Warrior Princess. Thanks to her, I almost broke my neck and my playmates' necks imitating her stunts. She was such an icon to me. Xena, I mean. So where's the Lucy behind the Xena? Last stint: Battlestar Galactica. And now she's blond. Lawless' other projects are not severely typcasted. There's no mistaking her speaking voice though, it would always be Xena's, and maybe that's the main reason why she hasn't done anything too sweetie. She always plays strong, powerful women. Maybe the lightest major title in her résumé is EuroTrip (2004).

Jake Lloyd?
Two words: Anakin Skywalker. I'm only a year older than Lloyd, who last appeared alongside James Caviezel in Madison. It was filmed in 2000 and premiered at Sundance, and when it was widely released in 2005 he had already grown. How funny. He still looked like Anakin in the film of course, but now he looks like this (this is the latest photo I could find). I'm sure I won't like the grown Lloyd as much as Anakin Lloyd. For the record, I never liked Anakin, especially Anakin Christensen, but Anakin Lloyd is just cute. He had more chemistry with Natalie than Hayden, and looking at him, maybe even now - as a younger brother.

Cameron Crowe?
The only non-actor in my entry. What is his next move? I look up to his art, not very much his filmmaking per sé. I thought he was a deviant, but after Vanilla Sky, oh my. But I can't wait for his next film. I haven't heard anything, no news at all. I'm planning to rent a vid of Singles, but I can't find his first flick some Ridgemont High or whatever. I believe he's one of the most talented multitasker in the industry today. Who can write articles, make films, write screenplays, and produce songs in one body? Name me someone.