I'm Into Something

So I need around Php10,000 for an event during the semestral break I have to attend, and I don't have time to take on a job. I don't know how this blog network works yet, this is my first tracked post, but I'm awfully excited. I'll be posting sponsored entries from today onwards, but hopefully not consecutively, 'cause it would mean like repression of freedom of expression. But then again, it's worth it. I can take a challenge.

Welcome to the real world. People need money. I thought I never would, but now I do. I'm growing up.

My friend Clara suggested this site as our racket. It'll earn, she said. Since I've been blogging since November 2003 in this very site, I'm overqualified. That's the main requirement of the network, that a blog should be a bit old. And you might wonder where my first 2003 posts are. Well they're gone. I already said before, I was a different person, and it's unbearable to know people might still see them. Ewww ...

I haven't made friends in this network yet, I'm new. But it's cool though. I love the layout, and the opportunities, and how much they patronize loyal bloggers. I can be loyal, especially if there are such rewards behind it. I said I need money. No, I'm not that desperate.