Visit to an Art Gallery

... ONLINE. I've been looking at artworks for the past hour. It's my kind of rest after hours and hours of article-writing slash struggling. I stumbled upon DeviantART and here are my favorites so far.
This is Joker, the archenemy of my hero. I've always loved Joker's character especially when Jack Nicholson played him opposite Michael Keaton in Batman, and I'm such a fan. I actually think I'm Batgirl, only a little less goth. Art by Foursyte. I posted without permission, please don't sue me.
This one's by John Suguitan entitled "Kapitan." It's illegal for a real person to wear the Philippine flag unless it's for a serious cause so I guess it stays on paper (and on screen too for that matter). But doesn't this look great? I've never seen a guy figure wear the flag before. And I also love that look on his face and tatooes on his arm. Very native. The concept is not very Filipino though, but who cares? Define "Filipino" and it would take the most elite intellectuals forever debating.
Darth Maul and Obi-Wan bubbleheads by a guy named Jeff Victor, a non-deviantARTist. I used to visit his blog and in the early days he created Star Wars bubbleheads and then some Batman stuff. Now he covers a broader range - King Kong, 300, Hellboy etc etc.
"Dirty Works" by Foursyte again. Geez, I'm such a guy sometimes. Looky this on close-up. Very well done, like an egg and a steak.ROM Crystal Interior by photographer Sam Javanrouh, from his website A Daily Dose of Imagery. And I tell you, it's an insane dose for daily intake.
Very self-explanatory. I don't have to say why I like this. Look at the detail on this work, and The hair The hair! You the girl, Edith Parra! And I'm the Star Wars fan.
A portrait of Brendan Fraser by JekyYoung. I like the style he used on this, I can't point it out. It looks European - maybe French. But then again, everything looks French to me. Hello to Toulouse Lautrec.
Love Himself, as a young boy. The best ever. Great work, Katerina.

Next time, Batman galore. The best Batman artworks ever. I'm excited.