My Next Digital

If one day I decide to take photography (or photojourn) more seriously, I will eventually need a dSLR. Since I won't be able to spend thousands-$$$ for big shot dSLRs, an entry-level digital single lens reflex cam can be useful. And I found the perfect model.

Presenting the Canon EOS 350D.

It's a little compact for a dSLR, and if I become really really good, I might already find this limited. But hey, for starters this is the real deal. It's lightweight. Its flash is useful even without purchasing an extra built-in. It's way cheaper than pro-SLRs. It handles noise well and has an excellent image quality at all ISO (light sensitivity) settings. But because it's "cheap," I may need to buy extra lens aside from the one that comes with the box.

As if I'm already really going to buy it.

But this dream is not so hard-to-reach anyway. Just a few hundred dollars more when I get a job. Which is like two years from now, ehem, If I graduate on time. In my university, there's no knowing for sure. Also in two years this model would be passé. I will have to dream again.

For now, I should start learning photography. There's still so much to know. I still can't make timpla speed and F-stops. I've been groping and that I should first get rid of. I also abhor the flash, while it's so essential in many photo opportunities. I also don't know how to handle lighting. Sometimes it looks natural, but when I overdo some settings it looks sloppy. So before I dive into the dSLR pool, I have to learn how to maximize semi-SLR and compact d-cams first. Ayayay. So much to do, so little time.