Padmé, a Jedi?

Saw this picture somewhere. Such fantasy really, something only Photoshop can do.

Padmé Amidala could NEVER become a Jedi. Period.

The Jedi are destined to be Jedi. The Jedi Council knows who among the babies born in the Inner Rim planets have enough midichlorian count in their bloodstream to have the capacity to undergo intensive training and learn to be attuned to the Force.

Anyway, midichlorians are microscopic lifeforms found within all living things. Master Yoda had the highest midichlorian count among the Jedi before Anakin Skywalker's blood was examined by Jedi knight Qui-Gon Jinn when he met the boy in Tatooine, one of the Outer Rim planets. Qui-Gon was even surprised to have discovered it. How could the Council miss out on the boy? When Anakin was discovered to be a potential Jedi, he was already 9 years old. Too old to be trained. He should've started since birth.

Back to Padmé. It's funny, really. Don't get me wrong. Amidala is as smart as she can be. As Yoda would perhaps put it, "Fit for a queen, she is." And a senator too! But never a Jedi. It's just not right. It betrays my Star Wars logic.

And oh, "Jedi" is both plural and singular. No Ss there.