Covering the Rally

When I heard that my summer colleagues and I were required to document a rally yesterday at the COMELEC office in Intramuros, I was shocked. I thought of every possible excuse not to go. Danger, fuss, hassle, political differences. I overreacted. As a journalist-in-training, I know I should be flexible. But at times, circumstances will be entirely unexpected.

I was about to board the MRT, feelings edgy, when Tinggay called. "Dapat matapang ka," she said. I kept that in mind, but the pushing and shoving of the other passengers were making me nervous even more. The media are definitely successful in making people think rallies are mayhem, and it also worked for me. I should have been more critical than that. Darn it. I'm a mass media student!

Kontra Daya, an group of individuals, parties, and NGOs aiming to prevent election fraud, marched to COMELEC building at Plaza Roma, Intramuros to speak out against alleged pre-election abuses and fraud plots.

The feeling, y know, of shooting photos alongside real life journalists. I could see the future ...

Pfft. =P

Flags raised. The grand Manila Cathedral on the background.

Hard core on the cause

The front line

Armed observers

Innocently passing by

Addressing the TV people

Advocacy on paper