Big Bad Wolf Strikes Again

Just came from our 7 am to 3 pm shift in Kontra Daya. I've been watching and recording fraud, violence, and disenfranchisement cases all day. Some say the right to vote is sometimes the only right some Filipinos especially those of marginalized sectors have. But because of countless cases of missing names on lists, unreasonable deactivation of registration, doubled (or even tripled) names, delayed and even canceled opening of voting precincts and victimizing by putting indelible ink on fingers of those who haven't yet voted, they are now robbed of their every right.

I've been praying for a peaceful election, and hoped (and was optimistic) it would be cleaner this time around, especially more people are watching their votes now and are more wary after the Garci scandal last time. The Big Bad Wolf would have to blow harder this time, I thought.

But no! Calls, texts, emails and media reports to our office were endless. I was typing nonstop, writing news briefs in a database. The only bright side was I got to practice some journalistic skills while confined within four walls, but all in all it's sad. As of 10:00 this morning, there were already 113 dead and 176 wounded from election-related violence.

My estimate is that Quezon City, Makati, Bulacan, and Manila are places with most number of reported election violations today our office received and when I was monitoring television this morning. Violence, new and old tactics of vote-buying, disenfranchisement - name it. This country doesn't run out of creativity.

Anyway, here are sites we've been working on for two days now. Posted reports are only a few of what we got all day:
Kontra Daya official site
Our running account of election monitoring

Please visit them. Click and you'd make our work worthwhile. That's all we wish for anyway, to know we're helping somehow.

I have to sleep early tonight. Going back to my shift tomorrow. The Big Bad Wolf doesn't sleep at all these days.