Cleaning Up

I read my blog archive and cleaned it up. I realized that I had a lot of rants and curses and also good things to say, but I have to somehow filter them. Maybe it's too late. I know some people have already seen them, but I'm still relieved that now they could be reviewed and I won't worry if there's objectionable content. I was such a different person before. Better and worse both.

I also had some sort of violence in my posts. Blood and gore and anger. Like I blogged about wanting to kill Hitler all over again because he caused the death of millions of people in WWII, including Anne Frank.
I don't want anyone reading about that anymore, especially if I wrote it. I'm really a sweet girl in person, y know.

And I also traced my way of thinking two to three years ago, and my ideas too. Somehow, I was looking for some things that I can say I only found now. It explains a lot of things.