Poster Pickin'

Blog World to Mimi: Welcome back!
Mimi to Blog World: Thanks. I needed that.

I've always loved looking at posters. When I was in high school, I looked at posters everytime I went online - - more than I visited I used up my hard drive saving every nice poster (and Natalie photo) I could find. Now, I'm taking my pathetic secret hobby to the next level.

Got myself a big, heavy coffee table book about groundbreaking posters and the famous designers who made them. Up Against the Wall (2003) by Ian Noble has a lot to say about posters being more than just a commercial endeavor. The book says that billboards are not considered posters! Not that they're up there and huge since many posters are like that, but they weaken the essence of making posters. Posters gotta be ideological, expressing culture and advocacies. They're the it of propaganda and activism and stuff alike. At the same time, they're the forefathers of graphic design - they are marks of history!

I guess Fine Arts students know a lot about that. I don't. I'm Mass Comm.

Love the works of minimalist Leonardo Sonnoli, the graphic artist of the city of Pesaro, Italia. But I'm not going to post any of his works here, unless I change my mind. I guess I'm being selfish but they're too beautiful to be posted in this humble blog. Instead, here are some of the posters that I just love so much and want to share with you guys. Enjoy!

1. by Pete Pocs - reference to the uprising in 1956 against communism in Hungary
2. by Teresa Sdralevich - "The Boomerang" against the return of the right wing ideology in Europe
3. by photographer Maryam Zandi and designer Emrahim Haghighi - portrait of Iranian painter Aidin Aghdashlu