The Semester

I have six awesome subjects plus a weekly circle - there's nothing more I can ask for, except more time and energy to absorb them all.

Communication 140 - Comm. Theories - Sir Varona
I know that right-minus-wrong exams are inevitable in this class, though the teacher hasn't mentioned it yet. I just know. What's cool in my school is that students already know what to expect from a professor and from his/her subject even before the semester starts. Everyone hears from everyone. Especially in the College of Mass Communication where students are trained to do so everyday.

Natural Science 2 - Concepts in Geology and Biology - Ma'm Mirasol
She's almost a liar. She almost made us believe she's not our professor, but a student assistant. Great. Now I don't know if I'm going to believe anything she says again. But since Geology is her passion and I don't know a single darn thing about it, I better listen and believe.

Philosophy 111 - Medieval Philosophy - Ma'm Ocampo
Most people think I'm crazy because of this. C'mon you guys, give the subject some slack. This is my quote lucky unquote subject. Plus, c'mon you guys, it's St Thomas Aquinas to the max! Break it down!
This choice was totally impulsive when I was enlisting in CRS (Computerized Registration Sickness) online. Just so happened that I liked the idea of having a Philosophy subject and a course with a triple 1 code. Just so happened that Center people know the professor, and I was surprised that they do. In that case, she should be really good. I'm psyched.

Broadcast Comm. 100 - Introduction - Ma'm Aseron
One word: cool prof. I'm also excited about this, and excited that my new groupmates are total strangers to me. I love working with other people. So yeah, new friends and new challenges. I love it.

Film 140 - Film Genre - Sir Campos
Today, I counted the times that Sir Campos mentioned the word "genre" - 342 times. It's a world record. It's a Guiness Award!
No, seriously, I didn't count it. But during our class today, all I heard was the word "genre" and I was drifting. The airconditioning in the room was at the nippiest. The television set was smaller than last sem's Film 100 class. And the readings are doubled. Great. I'm really optimistic. But because I love film so much, I'm ready to burn by eyebrows for it. Even literally.

Journalist 102 - Newswriting - Ma'm Khan
I don't know if it was the caffeine or it was me. Before this class last Friday, I was so nervous that I was spitting out silly conversations with my friends, and a Freudian slip mentioning my "crush" on Sir Teodoro while he was passing by. I guess he heard me, 'cause he smiled and waved at us. I froze, embarrassed. Now I don't want to see him again. I want to move to another city.
Why I was (and still am) nervous: Newswriting is the subject I'm most afraid of. I'm not a newswriter. In that area, I suck like a lachrymose leech. Make me write five sestinas and I'd do it. Make me write a 500-word news story and I'd stare at a blank page for five hours.

There you go folks, a long post after a long time. That's how much I miss blogging.