The Shifting Scare

Scarier than a horror movie.

Here's the scenario:
Claire's thinking about it.
Absie's definitely going to do it if he gets unluckier.
Anjo was comparing Mass Comm courses' curricula the other day.
Elsie feels like journ is not for her. Broad Comm is.
Dana wants to paint, and she was just telling me that we should shift to Fine Arts. (Me, Fine Arts? Teehee.)
Mimi's applying for UP Cinema and having the time of her life.
Gem's so into sociology. She mentioned that she once considered shifting.
Jali wants to be a mermaid. Hihihi. Peace. =P
Lebanon and Israel are bombing each other.
Mayon Volcano is expected to blow.

What is happening to the world?

If we all end up out of BA Journalism, we're dead. It's the end of the famous block K-5. It's the end of our ha-ha-ha plans to establish a journalistic magazine that we're going to entitle K-5, whatever that means. It's the end of our press freedom conversations over lunch and whatnots. End, end, end.

BUT mark my words: I would never shift out of BA Journalism. Ever. Unless of course I flunk my major subjects or my entire college launches a hate campaign against me or I fall from a 30-ft wall because of a defective harness or my family becomes bankrupt.

These are the knock-on-wood worthy scenarios that could kick me out of my course. Plus many more, of course, but they're too dark and gory to blog and think about.

I know I always tell people that Film is my dream course and I might shift if I lose my interest in journ. C'mon, it's one of my little white lies. It's just my way of saying "Oh, I love film so much but I will never ever ever shift out of journ because it's virtually impossible that I will lose interest and swearword."

It's Red Shirt Day on Monday, folks. Join me in protest against journ majors who are thinking about shifting, unless they really really super mega really think journ is not for them - like one person I know. Hmmm ...