The Wonder that is Wikipedia

Of course you know what Wikipedia is. If you don't, stop being a loser and visit here.

According to Time, Wikipedia has more than a million articles, nearly 10 times as many as Encyclopedia Britannica. That makes it the largest encyclopedia. Ever. Not only that, it has like the best and most complete entries. Ever.

Wow, right?

That is because it's made not just by one man, but by EVERYONE. If there is one concrete, present-day evidence of global bayanihan, it is Wikipedia. The words "Edit this page" were a big risk. Bad guys could vandalize and put big curses on its pages. It happens sometimes, but because of its millions of contributors, vandals are immediately cleaned out.

Jimmy Wales is the genius behind it. At first, he thought he couldn't match Britannica 'cause he only had 12 commissioned articles in two years. At this rate, it would take several millenia to equal Britannica, said Time. But he didn't give up. And look at what happened, a proof that egalitarianism can do wonders.

Now, imagine life without Wikipedia. I can't. Without it, there can never be an ultimate web-surfing experience.

Thank you, Wikipedia. I love you!