The Right Thing about Writing

What keeps me from writing is just myself. It's easy to write, but not easy to write well.

Some people think they can write just because they can fill up a page with ease and speed, but writing is not that. "You write with ease, to show your breeding,
But easy writing's vile hard reading," said Richard Brinsley Sheridan, an Irish playwright.

Many are also fond of writing with big words that only they can understand without consulting Mr. Webster, but writing is not that. Ernest Hemingway, a writer known for his simplicity, once said "There are older and simpler and better words, and those are the ones I use."

I don't know when I can consider myself a writer. Is it when I'm already making a living out of it? Or when I'm published? Or when I get a flat 1 grade for a school paper? I want to be called a writer not when I'm all of the above, but when I'm already making a good impact on someone's life through my works. It doesn't necessarily have to be literature, a creative prose, or a newspaper article. It can only be a piece of note I left someplace that changed a reader's way of thinking for the better.

There's one book I've read that says writer's block is caused by the Censor, an inner being that tells you you're writing crap, your punctuations are a mess, or your verb's confusing. I know I have to fight the Censor in me and believe in my own pen but it's not as easy as you think. I know I can write better than some and that's the main reason why I took journalism, but things and persons and situations do not allow me to believe that I write well. Some people I've met the past year helped me cope but so far, it has not been enough.

These past days, I've been telling God that I'm offering up my studies, and he responded by giving me a sense of pride and contentment that I'm a journalism student. I think He just told me that I'm on the right track, even when 42 journalists have already gotten killed under Arroyo's administration.