I've been awake for 24 hours.

Before I get to my story, I want to thank all the people who appreciated my article. It's a really, really big thing for me and you guys made me more determined to finish Journalism. Okay, I'm gonna tell you a secret. I've never read Young Blood and I don't read newspapers. A friend from Daniw, Mihlgrace, made me submit the article. I honesly think that Young Blood accepts any article from the youth that has something to do with welfare, politics, society - issues and topics that matter. So go ahead and try your luck. If you think your article's not good, they'll edit it before publishing anyway.

Sugo, a teleserye on GMA 7, starring Richard Gutierrez
I've had no sleep except for a 30-minute nap for the last two days and I'm tired as hell.

We've been doing our UNIV research paper on telenovelas this past week. God probably saw our drive to finish the paper so He showered us with tons of blessings. Tons.

Last Wednesday, we made a call to the executive producer of Sugo, stated our purpose, and took the risk to travel to Antipolo to reach the set of GMA 7's fantaserye. With the kindness of the producer, everything went well for us. How well? Jali, Elsie, and I interviewed the cute director of Sugo, Paolo Contis (who's surprisingly gorgeous in person), and yummy Richard Gutierrez lang naman! Gosh, it was overwhelming. At the same time, Gem was interviewing the headwriter and conceptualist of the show at Tomas Morato. Wow. So much experience (and kilig) in one day!

Imagine, the three of us were hanging at the set and we even watched the taping from the director's digital OV van! I'm telling you, it's a rare opportunity and we felt so honored. It was as if all the kindness in the world was bestowed upon us.

I know I made it sound so easy but really, it took us months to set up an interview with the people behind Sugo. We pulled some strings and stepped a little out of our bounds. In other words, we did everything just to get there. For students like us to be given that kind of opportunity is sheer luck and providence.

The group worked on the paper late last night in Daniw. Elsie and I stayed awake for the entire night and day to do the "finishing touches." Our sleeping bags were ready to be spread out on the Daniw library floor but we didn't have spare time to use it. The thing is, our group was no longer doing the paper for ourselves, we were doing it for God, for the people who've done us a great deal of help and well ... for the future resumé add-on.

We did research until the last minutes before submitting it, documented everything, cleared all the claims, and showed that telenovelas have anthropological, historical, and socio-cultural relevance. We're done with the big paper and we're oh so proud of it.

The lack of sleep is nothing compared to Richard Gutierrez's stares. #