Sorry for my neglect. The weeks are hell, y know. Next week will be another one. There's so much to do in so little time.

I know it's late to post something like this but it's still January and I wrote this on New Year's Day ...

My Agenda for 2006

1. Read MORE books and faster. I already feel like I'm missing out on things and I'm getting dumber.
2. No more cursing. I don't curse anymore but sometimes, the four-letter-word fiends escape from their cages when in rage.
3. Do Julia Cameron's Morning Pages religiously.
4. Be more involved in UP-TFS and find a hobby org like a cinema group or writers' club.
5. Do something ludicrous (like audition for a role in a UP play) just for the heck of it.
6. Learn how to drive. Deadline: June.
7. Be a Natalie - get active!
8. Enroll in a non-academic class (out or in-campus) like Italian, tennis, or speech.
9. Travel to a distant place.
10. This last one is between me and God. *winks*

My Wishes for 2006

1. World peace. I'm creative, I know.
2. Digital video camera and an Adobe Premier software. High-tech softwares for my PC. *wish wish*
3. Good health for my family and myself. I'm always sick now, have to get back on track.
4. A deeper awareness of the youth - in a positive way.
5. One of my favorite bands tours the country and I get tickets.
6. Fine grades and more survival skills.
7. Win in a game show.
8. The dollar drops to P40 in value (or lower), petroleum goes with it, then other products in the market follow.
9. Recovery of Calapan, Mindoro (and more manpower over there please)