I Declare War

Grab your rifles, synchronize the satellites, and get your men moving; I'm declaring WAR! Yes, you heard it right - WAR.

Who wouldn't declare war anyway if two of your favorite NBA teams have lost two games in a row in the 2005 Playoffs? The Sacramento Kings are having a hard time versus Seattle Supersonics while the Memphis Grizzlies also lost to Phoenix Suns. My excuse for Sacramento is that most of the players are from injuries and they lack confidence. The Kings have weak defense; they're a shooting team and they need to improve the defensive half of their strategy.

Death to the Sonics and the Suns!
On my other hand, it's entertaining watching Memphis and Phoenix battle. Basketball fans know that Phoenix finished number 1 in the NBA Season while Memphis is only the 8th seed but heck, the Grizzlies are putting up quite a game. Phoenix is struggling versus the Grizzlies but Phoenix always gets the points at the end.

I'm just so angry right now that I'm declaring war. My teams are going to get up and not lose everything without a fight.

I was going to do the same on the Phoenix Suns' logo but I was stricken with laziness, so I made it for the Sonics logo na lang. Later on, I'm going to post my Sacramento Queens logo but you might steal it from this blog so I'm going to decide pa.