Going for Four

Being an attorney someday is my biggest long-term goal since I was in fourth grade. Yes, my mind was already made up that I'm going to pursue law because I've always known that it's a noble job. I'll be able to help people and earn bucks at the side. But lemme assess it: do I really want to be a lawyer? Or is it just the sound of being an attorney makes me think of running rings around somebody?

Like everyone, I've gone through many ridiculous and, at times, absurd ambitions when I was a kid. I wanted to be an astronaut, a marine biologist, a historian, and an architect. Why ridiculous and absurd? First, the Philippines has no spaceport to accommodate its own space missions and in that case, no astronauts. Being a marine biologist is a childhood thing. You know how kids think science is fascinating and fun. Well, to Einsteins out there, congratulations to you, but now that I've gone through physics and chemistry, I'm aware it's not exactly "fun and fascinating." A historian! That's not a real occupation and it's more like just a hobby. I'll be better off to being a museum caretaker than be a historian. Lastly, architecture is an awesome field but I never really was inclined to drafting, schematics, and those blue prints. Dad is an architect. He designs houses but he's really also a geodetic engineer. He's a mathematician but that's him, not me, and so architecture’s also not for me.

If you ask me now what I want to be, I'll give you several answers: a lawyer, a member of the jury, or a legal representative. Sum them all up and you'll get one answer: an attorney.

Ask me again and I might give more answers: a filmmaker, a teacher, a writer ... all of which I'm kind of pursuing this coming June. I'm going to take up BA Journalism first then proceed to law proper in a law school.

I love films and one of the reasons is that filmmaking is a subtle and somehow, meticulous art that I want to change the outlook of Filipino people on films. I don't want them to look at movies superficially but in a dramatic manner like how art aficionados analyze the works of Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and Picasso. And some people do that when watching the auteurs, but only some. Most don't.

I want to be a teacher because I think I have that inclination, I adore kids, and it's the profession we often understate. I want to be a writer because I have a unique ( or weird?) way of looking at or into things. As if it's all valid.

So, you see. I'm going to UP, pursuing four of my biggest ambitions. Mom made me promise the other night that I'm going to be a lawyer. That's their dream for me and it's my dream for myself and for the people I'm going to help. So there, I really want to be a lawyer. You know how I just love asking myself questions whose answers I already know.