Friends, Tennis, and Benedict XVI

Before I went to sleep last night, I was thinking of what to post here today and I couldn't think of a topic. After all, what I did yesterday was watch re-runs of Friends in videos that I rented for such a cheap price and just hang around in front of the television.

Have you tried watching Friends? Two words: totally hilarious. I know that the TV series already ended with its season finale last year but if there are reruns in local or cable channels, catch it. Try watching one whole episode and you, mark my words, will not stop laughing ... like I was yesterday. Kim, my first sister, was watching the first season with me and she was laughing so hard I was already wondering how she could breathe in that.

Last night, I watched the the tennis film Wimbledon with Mom and Kim. It's a cute movie and you'll appreciate it even though you don't know a single damn thing about tennis. As for me, I've always loved tennis and I'm always read latest happenings in international tournaments. The film had such an effect on Mom that she proposed to send us to tennis lessons if there's something like that nearby. Wow, it'd be awesome learning how to play tennis.

The German Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger was elected as the 200th something something pope, and the next head of the Church. Now he's already Pope Benedict XVI. They say he is orthodox and that's good, isn't it? Well, a big warm welcome to the new Pope and I'm looking forward to what he will do to improve the world and to widen the scope of Christianity to those who have no faith.